As part of my work, I do media interviews (e.g. The Guardian, The Times, CNN) on current issues in US, UK and Australian foreign and security policy. I’ve also had a swing at “academic stand up comedy”.  Below are some examples, many of which are hosted on my Youtube channel, where I also have teaching and lecture summary videos.

Shortly after the 2016 US presidential election, I was interviewed on BBC Breakfast about Donald Trump:

Another BBC 1 interview, this time on Brits fighting against ISIS (for the YPG):

Sky News interview on Brexit and Trump voter parallels:

BBC News (Nine O’clock News), Boston Marathon Bombings (there’s a short sound delay):

Sky News, Boston Bombings and the London Marathon:

Here’s a “funny” one, which also comes with the disclaimer that it contains some bad language… Brightclub in Guildford, trying to make clever people laugh:

And, again on Sky News, I was interviewed in summer 2013 following Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s defeat by Kevin Rudd for the leadership of the Australian Labor Party:

A more academic talk, at Oxford University, on Julia Gillard and gender:

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