I enjoy teaching and have been lucky enough to win a few teaching awards, e.g.:

  • The British International Studies Association-Higher Education Academy Award for Excellence in Teaching International Studies (the UK’s national IR teaching prize).
  • The Vice-Chancellor’s Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence (at the University of Surrey).

I currently lead two big modules: Security Studies and American Foreign Policy, as well as contributing teaching to a range of other modules, such as IR Theory and Research Methods.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 11.53.16

I am fortunate to have been able to supervise lots of excellent PhD students, many of whom have gone on to academic and policy careers:

  • Laura Rose Brown – the effects of gendering nuclear weapons policy
  • Charles Gray – a political sociological analysis of the discipline of International Relations
  • Waad Arif (submitted) – News Framing and Domestication: How CNN and Al-Arabiya, in their English and Arabic online news services, report terror attacks with different kinds of perpetrators
  • Harry Swinhoe (completed) – Islamic State’s construction of strategic narratives of sovereignty and political legitimacy
  • Natalie James (completed) – An Intersectional Feminist Analysis of Experience of the Prevent Duty in Further Education
  • Ryan O’Connor (completed) – Discourses of Intervention: An Analysis of Multiple Sites of Production and Their Contribution to the Legitimacy of Action
  • Ben Fermor (completed) – The changing discourse of American foreign policy: Identity construction in Barack Obama’s Middle Eastern Polic
  • Will Mace (completed) – Resilient Civic Republicanism
  • Ciaran Gillespie (completed) – Aid & the ouroborus : US foreign military assistance and human security in Pakistan
  • Samantha Cooke (completed) – Politics, power and matrimony : understanding women’s marital rights in Egypt and Iran

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